8 Best Toys For Blind Children

ZaxiDeel Sensory Toys for Autistic Children and Adults, 23 Pack Fidget Toys – Pop Tubes, Bean Bags, Giant Stress Ball, Squeeze Ball, Spiky Sensory Balls and Stretchy Strings Set

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Creative Escape Rooms Wood Braille Alphabet Board with Raised Dots – Great Montessori Educational Tool for All Ages

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TickiT Touch & Match Board – Toddler Sensory Exploration – Special Educational Needs – Tactile Board – Touch & Feel

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Munchkin® Mozart Magic® Cube Music Toy for Baby and Toddler – Includes 5 Instrument Sounds, 8 Mozart Songs and Lights

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GOPO TOYS Montessori Toys for 18+ Months Old – Toddlers Wooden Sorting and Stacking Toys for Baby Boys and Girls – Shape Sorter and Color Stacker Preschool Kids Wood Gifts

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TOMYOU 200 Pieces Building Blocks Kids STEM Toys Educational Building Toys Discs Sets Interlocking Solid Plastic for Preschool Kids Boys and Girls Aged 3+, Safe Material Creativity Kids Toys

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Crawling Walking Baby Toys 6 to 12 12-18 Month Musical Plush Octopus Light up Voice Control Infant Toys 8 9 10 Month 1 2 Year Old Boy Girl Tummy Time Sensory Toddler Easter Basket Stuffers Easter Gift

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Dodecagon Fidget Cube – 12 Sided Fidget Cube Toy Depression Anti, Stress and Anxiety Relief Great Fidget Cube for Adults Kids with OCD,ADD, ADHD, Autism, by VCOSTORE(Blue)

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What do blind children like to play with?

Children with visual impairments use all of their senses to learn. Ordinary household objects that vary in texture, weight, smell, sound, and color are perfect “toys” to engage the senses. An example of a simple toy with color, sound, and texture is this easy-to- make sensory curtain.

What to get a child who is blind?

When it comes to toys for children who are blind or have low vision, look isn’t the most important factor. If you want to appeal to three out of the child’s five senses, you should try bright and colorful toys that make noise.

How do you play with a blind child?

There are some ideas you can use to help your child enjoy practicing.

Do blind kids play with toys?

Kids who are blind often don’t use toys as they should. A stacking cup could get thrown, and a plastic truck could become a chew toy. There are lots of ways to play with a toy and you can help your child discover them.

What are sensory activities for blind?

Exploring lights and light up toys in a dark room or under a piece of material or tent is one of the visual stimulation activities. Christmas lights can be used to change the experience by shining torches through different colored materials and paper.

What do blind people need most?

Natural and artificial light should be brought in to make it easier to see. If you want to point the lights at the task, you have to install task lighting where the most important activities take place.

Are there jigsaw puzzles for the blind?

The Sylvia Smiles collection of puzzles was designed to help the blind and visually impaired enjoy puzzling as much as possible. The collection can be explored by clicking here.

Can blind people play with Legos?

LEGO sets don’t have a lot of text, audio or Braille instructions. People who are blind or visually impaired can build their own Lego sets. There are instructions for a lot of LEGO sets. Lego for the Blind has the most up to date information.

Do blind children go to special schools?

Roughly 2% of children with vision impairment up to the age of 16 attend special schools for blind and partiallysighted children.

What is blind autism?

Repetitive movements, resistance to change, and echolalia are some of the behaviors that can be seen in blind children. Fraiberg referred to the behaviors as blindisms.

What are the best sports for blind children?

Goalball and beep baseball are specifically played by people who are blind or visually impaired, while swimming and running are easy to adapt for. People who are blind or visually impaired can enjoy a lot of things.

How do blind people do daily activities?

Blind people can do a lot of things that sighted people can’t, such as cook, put on make up and be independent. It is possible for blind people to be independent with the help of accessible technology.

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