Do Toys Still Come In Happy Meals?

You don’t have to buy a Happy Meal in order to purchase the toys. McDonald’s Happy Meal toys can be purchased with the purchase of a Happy Meal. There is an entree, kids-size fry, apple slices, and a drink in a Happy Meal.

Do Happy Meals still contain toys?

Happy meals are something to ask about. Happy Meal toys change frequently so children and families can get different themed gifts when they visit.

What is the current Happy Meal toy Jan 2023?

The Super Mario Bros are going to a fast food joint. McDonald’s will have a Happy Meal Toy base on the Super Mario Bros Movie for every Happy Meal Purchase from December 22nd to January 23rd of the following year.

Why are the no toys in Happy Meals?

McDonald’s will cut the amount of plastic used in its Happy Meal toys in half by the year 2025. New items made from renewable, recycled or certified materials are being worked on.

Why did McDonald’s stop toys?

It’s not a money-saving strategy, but a response to an increased customer demand for climate-consciousness, that’s what the company says in a statement.

Do Happy Meals have boy and girl toys?

Mcdonald’s employees ask customers if their Happy Meal order is for a girl or boy so that they can include the corresponding toy. McDonald’s changed their policy a few years ago and now tell employees to give the choice of toys based on theme and not on the child’s gender.

Is there Sonic toys in Happy Meals?

Red Button and Friends Eye-Poppin’ are exclusive to SONIC and can be found in the Kids Meal. Red Button, Trumint, Lemma and Lime Ada are handy for fun because of the clips on the key rings.

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What is the adult Happy Meal called?

The Happy Meal with the Cactus Plant Flea Market Box is grown up. The Golden Arches collaborated with a fashion and lifestyle label to create a new Happy Meal experience.