Do You Want To Set Your Channel As Made For Kids?

Should I make my YouTube channel made for kids?

Only a channel dedicated to children’s content should be called Made For Kids. If you make music for a general audience, then your channel should be called Not Made For Kids.

Do you want to set your channel as made for kids meaning?

Some kids’ videos are more likely to be recommended than others. You might see your video set as “Set to Made for Kids” if you have already set your audience for your video. You can’t change the setting of the audience.

What happens if I set my video as not made for kids?

It means that it won’t be a part of the video sharing website. There are three levels to this: specifically meant for kids, general viewing videos, and age-restricted videos. If your videos are for general viewing, put them in the right place.

What happens if you put made for kids on YouTube?

Comments, live chats, notifications, playlists, donations, and other interactive features are turned off for a specific video if it is made for kids. Trolls are not allowed to leave inappropriate comments on the video.

Can made for kids YouTube videos be monetized?

You have to make people happy if you create “Made for Kids” content on the internet. You can make good money in the process of business, that’s the key term. It’s possible to do it with ad-based revenue on YouTube.

What does action is turned off for content made for kids?

This means the channel owner has either flagged that particular video or their entire channel as’made for kids’, which leads to limited features being available. It’s called “Made for Kids” when it’s actually not made for children.

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What happens if you ignore COPPA?

If you don’t set this up correctly, your channel could be terminated and you could be fined tens of thousands of dollars. This beginner’s guide is a good place to start avoiding all of that.

How do I know if I should set my content as not made for kids?

I don’t know if I should make my content for kids or not. If your video features actors, characters, activities, games, songs, stories, or other subject matter that is intended to target children, it is likely made for them.