How Do You Get Golden Roxy Plush?

When you get to the tunnels near the Green Rooms, look for a fence that can be opened with Monty Gator’s claws. The other side will have a cleaner bot. The Golden Roxy plush can be found at the back of the small area that is open.

How do you unlock plushies in FNAF 2?

Freddy’s plush can be unlocked in Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 if you complete Freddy’s Circus mode. Freddy’s plush is usually on the bed.

How do you get Glamrock gift security breach?

There is a door on the right side of the balcony that leads to the Lobby where you can enter the Gift Shop. You can get the Mr. Hippo Magnet by opening it in the first floor room.

What is the rarest FNaF plush?

Shadow Freddy is probably the most rare plushie in the FAC. It’s said that you’ll find it for around $150 a pop, and that it’s an exclusive Hot Topic plushie.

What happens if Balloon Boy gets in your room FNaF 2?

If Balloon Boy enters your room, you won’t be able to use your lights and you can’t get him to leave. If you see a balloon boy in your vent, make sure to check your vent lights. New Bonnie is not difficult to deal with.

How do you get golden Roxy in FNAF?

When you get to the tunnels near the Green Rooms, you should look for a fence that can be opened using Monty Gator’s claws. The other side will have a cleaner bot. The Golden Roxy plush can be found in the back of a small area.

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What happens if you shoot Freddy with the Fazblaster?

There is a bit of a mystery about it. Freddy will speak out if the Fazerblaster is shot, but he won’t be hostile towards Gregory. The Wet Floor Bot can spin if the Fazerblaster is shot there.

What animatronic is Golden Freddy?

Golden Freddy is a secondary villain in the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise. He is a springlock suit of Fredbear, the mascot of the original Fazbear restaurant, Fredbear’s Family Diner, and the progenitor to Freddy Fazbear and his many counterparts.

Are there 7 endings in FNAF: Security Breach?

There are six different endings to Five Nights at Freddy’s, with each one offering something different. Some see Gregory and Freddy riding off into the sunset, others see them face off against Vanny, and one pits them against a familiar face.

Is there 7 endings in security breach?

Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security breech gives players a total of six possible endings to achieve, breaking away from the ‘either you survive or you don’t’ attitude of previous titles

What happens if you go to the main stage with Vanessa?

The player can either come to the main stage or leave once the doors are open again. Freddy says that if the player goes to the security doors, he will never come back.

Can you find Glamrock Bonnie?

Bonnie is not present at the Pizzaplex anymore. He’s never seen in the game, but he’s mentioned in a few of the messages.

Can Moon enter the play structures?

Moondrop will wander the open area around the playpens, so you won’t have to contend with him. When you switch on three generators, Moondrop will get red eyes and decide he’s ready to enter the structure.

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How do I get rid of Glamrock Chica?

Place the Monty Mix in the trash compactor and press the button on the counter next to it. A short movie will show Chica being crushed by the trash compactor and then coming up with her last ounce of strength and pulling Gregory into the pile of trash below.

How do you unlock all nights in FNAF 2?

The main menu has buttons for C, D, and 2. That will allow the Custom Night to be unlocked.

What is the rarest thing to happen in FNAF 2?

Fans refer to the game’s two rare animatronics as “shadow animatronics”. If you’re not careful, Shadow Bonnie will crash your game if you don’t pay attention. If you want to avoid it, put on a mask.