What Happened Fortress Maximus?

It turned out to be a trap, as the Decepticons had also become Headmasters, with the rival of Galen’s now bonding to him. Fortress Maximus and the others were taken hostage by Scorponok’s troops, who used several Nebulans to distract them. Love and steel, both of them!

How powerful is Fortress Maximus?

One of the strongest Transformers on Cybertron is Fortress Maximus. He used to be an architect and created many of Cybertron’s finest monuments.

Who is bigger Fortress Maximus or metroplex?

Max is bigger in the cartoon than in the comic. The writer, Budiansky, messed up the idea of Fortress Maximus in the comic. Max had Cerebros form his head, but he was originally Cerebros-sized.

Is Fortress Maximus a metroplex?

Fortress Maximus has a new head, but he isn’t just a new head. The figure has a lot of new parts.

Why are the Maximals so small?

The Autobots were the descendants of the Maximals, who won the war against the Decepticons, reclaimed their home planet Cybertron, and were upgraded to smaller, more energy- efficient bodies.

Is Omega Supreme stronger than Metroplex?

Metroplex’s strength still reads that he will hit with as much destructive force as a low-yield nuclear weapon, even though Omega Supreme is much stronger. They were capable of hitting each other with melee attacks and hurting the other.

Who is the largest Autobot?

Omega Supreme is the largest Autobot in the world, and he is very powerful. His armor makes him impervious to all but the most powerful attacks, and he has enough power to defeat any team. He would destroy almost any opponent in a single fight.

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Who is the strongest transformer god?

Unicron, the fallen sibling of Primus, is the only Transformer god that is not as powerful. Unicron is similar to Galactus.

How tall is unicron?

Unicron’s height appears to be anywhere from several kilometers to hundreds of kilometers in The Transformers: The Movie.

How tall is Fort Max in Transformers?

The Fortress Maximus figure is the largest figure in the line. There are lights, battle sounds, and 3 modes in the Triple Changer figure.

What does Cogman turn into?

Part of the third wave of The Last Knight 1-Step Turbo Changers, Cogman transforms from a robot into an unlicensed replica of an automobile in just one step by twisting his rear vehicle, with a custom spoiler to balance his robot mode.

What does ultra magnus transformers into?

Ultra Magnus has the ability to hit a target 30 miles away and transform into a car carrier so that he can transport his Autobot troops.

Is Fortress Maximus a Metroplex?

Fortress Maximus isn’t just a new head, he’s also a redeco and retool of the Metroplex. The figure has a lot of new parts.