What Movie Does Arnold Say Get Down?

What movie did Arnold Schwarzenegger turn down?

The actor turned down two films that would have helped bolster his Hollywood persona, even though he believed he was the perfect choice for the role.

What is the famous movie line by Arnold Schwarzenegger?

“I’ll be back” was supposed to be “I’ll come back.” Arnold’s line is an icon.

Which movies did Arnold say I’ll be back?

“I’ll be back” is a famous line from “The Terminator”. The phrase “For the first time” was delivered by the character of the cyborg in the movie.

What is the famous quote get to the chopper?

Movie quotes became very popular. One of the best lines in the movie “Predator” is “Get to the chop pa!”

How much did Arnold make for Terminator?

He was quite young in his career at that time. He played the first significant role in 1982. Arnold was paid tens of thousands of dollars for his work in the movie. He was paid a reported fifteen million dollars for the sequel.

What movie did Arnold Schwarzenegger play a Russian?

I didn’t want to do sci-fi and it was difficult to use Arnold’s accent in an American context, so I came up with Red Heat. I was curious to see if he could play a Russian cop in the US.

What is Arnold Schwarzenegger most famous quote?

Winning doesn’t make for strong strength. Your struggles make you a better person. It’s strength when you decide not to surrender in the face of hardship.

What is the iconic line of The Terminator?

One of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s most famous lines is “I’ll be back”, but he did not want to say “I’ll be back” again. Thankfully, the film’s writer and director, James Cameron, was adamant and the film’s star went on to repeat the famous phrase.

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Did The Terminator say I’m back?

“I’ll be back” is a line from the movie. It can be said in a variety of ways in the films. The American Film Institute has a list of the best movie quotes of all time.

Did Arnold say get to the chopper?

The alien hunter yelled at the hostage as he picked off Dutche’s elite team of soldiers. Dutch shouted “Get to the chopper” as he prepared to face the predator in the final scene. The emotion in the audience was different when he said it.

What is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s famous words?

“I will return.” This line has been said by the T-800 in every movie it’s been in. Why isn’t it more fun to say it? “I’ll be back” is a common phrase, so you don’t get to give that classic delivery.

What does the predator say to Dutch?

It seems like the predator is repeating “what the hell are you?” It’s always been a sort of resigned snorting retort, not straight disrespect. Along the lines of “huh, how could I let one of you best me?”, “Are you different or did I goof up?”, and so on.