What Year Was Erector Set Invented?

The toy that put play to work and encouraged children’s constructive instincts was praised by business men and industrial psychologists. The first ever national advertising campaign for a toy was launched in 1913 by the Saturday Evening Post.

Which came first Erector Set or Meccano?

In 1913, a construction set called Erector was introduced in the US. In 2000 the two innovative brands merged and began building together under a single global brand name.

Are Gilbert erector sets still made?

Gilbert Erector sets were made for a long time. The sets were sold by the Mysto Manufacturing Company. The business was changed to A. C. Gilbert Company in 1916.

Why did they stop making erector sets?

The company went into decline after A.C. Gilbert’s death. The “clunky” looking models that were added to the product failed to compete with the new, more realistic plastic models that are coming onto the market.

What was the largest erector set sold?

The largest set ever offered was the 12 1/2 and it allowed you to build a robot. The Gilbert Company had a hard time in the 1960’s. Erector and American Flyer Trains are the two biggest selling toy lines.

What happened to Meccano?

Meccano and other model toys and kits were created by the company and were distributed by it.

Is Meccano still metal?

Meccano is made of metal, and a lot of the wheels are made of metal. The plastic Meccano sets are cheaper than the metal ones.

Are American Flyer trains still made?

Lionel is the producer of American Flyer. RFG is one of the manufactures that can be used with American Flyer. American Models is one of the companies that produces engines, cars and rolling stock.

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What is the history of Gilbert Erector sets?

The Erector Set was introduced in 1913 and was the cause of the split between Gilbert and Petrie. The company became known as the A.C. Gilbert Company in 1916. The Council of National Defense considered banning the production of toys in order to support the war effort.

Who was Meccano made for in 1901?

He patented his invention in January 1901 but had to borrow money from his employer to cover the costs.