Where Is Cat Toy Life Is Strange?

Can you romance Ryan in life is strange?

After giving Ryan a rose, Alex can invite him to a rooftop party. When on the rooftop with Ryan, players need to choose between a kiss and a hug to lock in a relationship.

What happens if I tell Gabe Ethan’s secret?

Charlotte will be contacted by Gabe if she tells him about the plan. You will be in the books of Charlotte and Gabriel.

What does Gabe listen to in life is strange true colors?

You can lure the cat away by returning to it. You will get the hold list if you do that. Kings of Leon’s Mechanical Bull is the record that was requested by Gabriel. There is only one thing you need to know about getting a look at the Hold List.

Should I hug or kiss steph?

You have the option of hugging or kissing her. If you kiss her, you’ll have a choice of entering a romance with her or not. You can also take part in a few other fun moments with her throughout the game, as long as you perform the crucial moments that you need to perform to ensure that she is in a relationship with Alex.

Who did Ryan have a crush on?

The movies mainly showed the jock vying for the attention of Sharpay Evans, who said she would rather stick pins in my eyes than watch him play basketball.

What is Ethan’s big secret?

The truth was that he hid the fact that he was going to work on his car. He hid the news of his car from her even though he had to take her with him to Cairo. He made Nathan and his sister lie toOlivia.

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Should I take Charlotte’s anger?

Leaving Charlotte alone may make players feel helpless, but it’s the best option because of its positive consequences later on. Charlotte will have a lot of emotion when players come across her again.

What happens if you tell Riley in Life is Strange: True Colors?

Alex lost Eleanor’s trust when he was told about Riley’s plans to go to college. If players want to get everyone on Alex’s side at the end of the game, it’s a wrong choice to tell Riley.

What happens if you take the money for Ethan?

Alex will comment that the situation feels scummy if Charlotte takes the money, but she feels that she made the right decision and that she should have waited for him.

Was Alex there when Gabe made the call?

He was told that he, Alex, and Ryan were up in the mountains looking for a missing person when the explosion happened. Typhon ignored him and coerced Mac into denying the call, even though he tried to have it called off.

Is it better to tell Eleanor about Gabe or spare her the pain?

If she wants Eleanor to trust her, she needs to be aware of the death of Gabriel. Eleanor needs to be reminded that she is trying to maintain a facade for Riley. She will miss the lantern send-off if she isn’t told about Gabriel.

Is Gabe Ethan’s dad?

He dated Charlotte for three years before he died. He took on a fatherly role in the life of the boy.

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Should I date Ryan or Steph?

Ryan can be a good friend to Alex, but he is not a good romantic partner for her. Life Is Strange: Before The Storm was a favorite of the fans.

Who can max romance in Life is Strange?

Max may sacrifice the entire town in order to spend the rest of her life with her boyfriend, if she chooses to. Warren is one of the characters who chases Max in the game. You can kiss Warren depending on how you choose to do it.